what to expect

Youth Unleashing Power was developed with the intention of creating a dedicated space for HIV and Hepatitis C positive young adults (18 – 32) to connect and create community. Positive youth who are attending the symposium are encouraged to share the work that they do in their home communities and their personal experiences.

There is no cost to attend Youth Unleashing Power. In the past we have had limited funding for travel scholarships, however, in 2017 we were able to secure adequate funding to remove all financial barriers to participation, including support with child care costs and flights. We expect to do the same in 2018.

This is not a conference with 8 hours a day of presentations and workshops. While there is plenty of time for sharing of knowledge and experience, the organizers believe that relationship building is equally important to structured sessions. With that in mind, past symposiums have been unique in that they have offered lots of unstructured time, recreational activities, sharing circles, movie nights, and campfires. We have also offered community acupuncture and massage services to participants at no additional cost.

Past presentations have included: participants’ personal stories; facilitated discussions on disclosure, consent and criminalization; the impact of technology on relationships; and digital storytelling, just to name a few.

Presentations for 2018 will be selected via a Call for Abstracts, which will be released in February 2018.

If you are a positive youth aged 18-32 and you think you would like to share your work or your story at YUP, please get in touch with us or consider joining our Steering Committee.

If you are hoping to attend YUP 2018, you can expect lots of time to connect with your peers, delicious meals, informative workshops, and lots of time for self care.