pants off dance off!

PANTS OFF DANCE OFF is a body+ queer friendly event, and is inspired by and in homage to the No Pants No Problem ( parties that are held in support of women with HIV and have grown to international fame.

While organizing the first YUP in 2016, Coordinators Sarah and Piotr were looking for ways to support youth in travelling to the symposium – flights from one side of Canada to the other can average around $1000.00, and there was no funding that wasn’t already allocated – and they decided to put their event planning skills together and throw a dance party. In April of 2016, the first #PODO was held at Lucky Bar, raising $575 to create travel scholarships for participants.

Since then, #PODO has moved to the historic Copper Owl and is now a regularly sold out event that is a favourite among Victoria’s queer community and house music lovers.¬† This queer-centric, body-positive event, hosted by what has now become the PLUR collective, is entering its second year and 5th iteration coming up in January 2016. Headliners have included DJ TigRess (Victoria), Benny Freebound (Vancouver / LA), Epitomic (Vancouver), Ghostwhip (Nelson), Kasey Riot (Vancouver), and Lyssa (Victoria).

Over the past two years, #PODO has raised $3500 to create travel scholarships for YUP participants. With some big plans on the horizon, this beloved event shows no signs of slowing down.

In March 2018, the Collective travelled to Squamish, BC, to share the amazing experience of Pants Off Dance Off at the Knotty Burl. Read an interview they did with Whats on Sea to Sky about the event.

In early 2017, Piotr Burek spoke with Nexus, the Camosun College Campus Newspaper about the vision behind the events and the PLUR collective.